My New Addiction ~ Korean Anime

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I have been a long-term follower to Japanese anime. Named it:- Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball(when I was a kid), Bleach…. And NO Sailormoon please! It’s lame!! Damn irritating!

Those that I mentioned above are the long seasons anime.

I do followed the short anime with maximum 24th episodes:-

Blood Trinity – Good Good

Van Helsing – Good Good Good Good

Le’ Chevelier Deon – Good…a bit slow though…still ok…

Now, I’m hooked up with Korean anime.

It’s cute. Different concept and not so draggy like Naruto & Bleach!

Here I present you:

A teaser for you….





Jang Geum’s Dream

It’s about a girl who loves to cook! Her dreams is to make people feel the happiness through her cooking.

Her name is Jang Geum. In the anime, you could hear her name is pronounced as “Chang-Gem-Ma” instead.

It’s quite similar with the “Jewel in the Palace” that was showed @ 8TV back in year 2006. This anime is cuter and enjoyable if you are looking for a light cartoon drama.

I found that there is a Japanese Version. But I am still like the Original Version.

Season 1(Opening Theme)

(Japanese Version – I think the new Korean Version is better…Original Version is always better)


I took the scenes from the anime with my Nokia 6300

Now there is 2nd Season! I am now hunting for it!

I can’t find anywhere..YET!

Can’t wait to watch it!!

Hopefully, I got the 2nd season & blog about it again..

Wish me Luck!


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