Birthday Dinner @ Palate Palette 31 May 2009

Being trying my new top bought from my friend’s own boutique and matched it up with an old accessories of mine = simple ready to go!!
Tonight I choose Purple-Blue as my color.
My Birthday Dinner – Pre B’day Celebration

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It was organized by my guy, Jun Sern. After weeks of planning, he surprised me a dinner at this place, Palate Palatte. It is located at Jalan Mesui, Raja Chulan side. The deco of the whole restaurant is superb. Very creative and less crowded. We hoarded the big table at the place! The guys playing Scrabbles..What a choice! Music was great though a bit loud….yet the genre suits the young people.

Food wise..
I have to say, not so good..if you wish to venture to the unusual choices…
My advice, stick to the normal choice of western food, i.e. fish & chips, steak or chicken chop.
My choice of the night was disaster!
Stew Moo:- It’s supposed to be the Chef Recommended. Well, it tasted like “ngau lam” mee with lesser soup! Gosh! Wrong choice! Should have ordered Chicken Chop instead!

Nevertheless, the rest is fine…
Ambiance is great for gathering too.
It’s a place where cam-whores love to go for action!! Snap snap snap!!!
Wi-Fi also available for internet addicts out there.

For more info, check it out at
You can make reservation through phone. Just remember, it closed on Mondays.
If you wish to know what kind of food they are serving, do feel free to download their menu on their site in PDF form. How cool is that?
Don’t forget to sign up to be in their Facebook for events updates.

*By the way..this sounds obscene*
Chantal..I have to agree with you…

By the way..
Thanks for your present!
Love it!

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