Selangor Vs Kelantan FA Cup Final 25 April 2009

17 May
Though I am not a Anak Selangor,I still love to watch our local football match! Here I was…sweating! Thanks to the hot weather and the endless smokes from the people! It’s damn smelly as they are smoking bloody cheap brand-Semporna! Lesson Learnt! Next time bring my own fan & air-fresheners!

GOL!! After numerous attempts. Finally The Team Did it! I would like to emphasis that the team still need to be more aggressive when comes to attack strategy. It seems that they are chickening our EVERYTIME when approaching the goal!
Wrong way dudes!

Can’t wait to see the score!

Anyway..SELANGOR WON!!!!!

This is the time I managed to buy few merchandise for the match!

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Location at Bukit Jalil


One Response to “Selangor Vs Kelantan FA Cup Final 25 April 2009”

  1. Mat Pintu December 20, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    hi there :)wow! it was a wonder u know to see a girl went to stadium for footballoh, btw, i'm kelantan supporter. haha Kelantan FA juara! yeah. byebye selangor & n9

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