My Weekdays Routine..

TVB Drama Series Marathon

My sister bought this and I was kinda hooked up with it. It started when I came back from work and she was watching it. So, I joined to watch it too. It’s not a new drama series yet not too old as well.

It’s about the ancient way of banking system in China. Interesting as I am in the banking line now & I got to know how banking operation system came about.

The title of the Drama Series:
Land of Wealth

The main actor

Chilling & Tea Time after work @ GreenWood Cafe

It’s located at SS2. Initially I intended to use the Wi-Fi for checking my e-mails. But too bad the cafe do not have enough sockets to fit mine and Shirlene’s laptop. Then we just opt for a meal instead. Timing is very out as it was around 4-ish. So, I’m gonna take the meal as my tea time. Well, the dinner just need to wait a little bit later.

I ordered Chicken Chop. It was simple prepared with a tasty gravy. For drink of the day, I’ve ordered Vanila Milkshake. It was nice just lack of a little bit of sweetness from the Vanila Ice Cream.

That’s me and my Chicken Chop @ GreenWood Cafe, SS2.

Dinner @ Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh, Old Town PJ

The business started as a very small stall at the roadside nearly a decade ago. Now it has expanded into a big shop instead. The place also one of the favourite spot for many critics too. Ah Hong, the famous Taiwan Celebrity Chef came here before to promote the Bak Kut Teh, here at PJ Old Town.

These are the food that we ordered that night for our dinner! Yummy! Soup is superb and have great taste as well. I prefer the soup without any vagetables/mushroom. These ingredients kill the original taste of the soup. If you really wanted vegetable/mushroom to be added in it, it’s available separately.

At Work & Off Work

This is what I wear during work…

I normally wear a simple top & blazer for my daily work. Need to look professional especially meeting clients. This is to ensure client is confident with our credibility when comes to product presentation to client. Plus, it is useful to boost the chances to close the deal with client as well.

During Workout at the Gym..

Simple tank top and track suit pants will do the trick.

Mamak! Cheaper Option for Good Food…

My all time favourite..

Ayam Goreng..Potong sedia some more!

Roti Telur tambah telur!

Chilling and Blogging time!

The June & July Birthday Babies in da Office!

ME and my peace sign!

I love to shisha too! Relaxing moment..

Lunch @ KFC, KLCC.

Fast, affordable and delicious. Just don’t eat it too often! I will feel “muak” and fat! Hahahaha!

KFC moment…

KFC monster-queen! Makan Makan Makan!

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I was soooooo thirsty..

Drink 2 Tea Ice in less than half and hour!


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