So….what now?

It was my sleepless night….
I can’t sleep after hit the sack at 10:20pm. When I looked up to the clock, it’s already 3am!
Gosh! What am I doing…? What I can do at this wee hours..?

Turn on the lights and browse my mag, as usual…
Turn out I am interested on this particular topic! I am always in a dilemma whether I am in my ideal weight? Being too fat or just nice. Calculated my BMI, (yea…I can’t sleep,nothing to do though..), I am still at the “safe zone”. Pheewww…

Keep on reading…..

I am missing my guy! How I wish I could hug him to sleep! Luckily he gave me this to replace him, while he’s not around!

Jun Sern! I need a BIGGER MOOOOSEEE!

Here I am, with my puffy eyes and little MOO…its name…
I named him that very moment..
He should have a name anyway..

I need A lot of Luck Coming My Way…Miao Miao..this way please?!

Got this card during last CNY. I found it when I am doing my occasional spring cleaning in my room.

I need this thing a lot! Lots of sales coming my way…
Miao Miao!
More Luck and Prosperity towards my way, please…Miao Miao!!

Got this T-Shirt from my last year end Malacca trip.
Find it cool and bought it for RM30/-.
Worth it..
Am I gonna wear it anytime soon?
I don’t think so…

so…what now?

The Orangutan House was set up in 1992 as the studio-gallery of Charles CHAM after his return from France. It was one of the first artist studios in Malacca. With its unique façade, it is now a landmark and a must-see for all art lovers and tourists to Malacca. It houses the contemporary Yin and Yang paintings by Charles CHAM and his collection of art t-shirts.

59 Lorong Hang Jebat,
75200 Malacca, Malaysia.
TEL 606-282-6872
OPENS 10-6pm daily

12 Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat)
75200 Malacca, Malaysia.
OPENS 10-6pm daily
FRI-SUN until 10.30pm

96 Heeren Street (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock)
75200 Malacca, Malaysia.
OPENS 10-6pm daily

Taken from:






Law Nite Feb 2009

It was kinda last minute to get Jun Sern to go with me to the function.
Thanked God he was there for me.
If not, I will ended up bored as I was in a same table with other top management people.
Sorry to say, it was kinda boring and lifeless night.

I was testing my E71 phone to take pictures that night. It was right before we were assigned to the VIP table for the nignt.

Jun Sern took this picture with his SoNy Ericsson phone.
Love the outcome. Especially the lights from the flash.

And yea, check out the girls behind the scene in this photo…
Malaysia, these are the future lawyers..
Convinced with the product from UM Law School?
Well, let’s give them a chance to prove themselves.
Don’t judge them first…
Wait and See.

Heng Joe & LilLi’s Garden Wedding Concept

I love the wedding concept from this lovely couple.
It was a relaxed environment.
Less Formal..
Less Fuss..
And Lok-Lok too…
Hmmm…Not a bad idea either…

A Relaxing Weekends at Euphoria

It was a clear place for clubbing.
No smoking area!
Wow, Impressive. The bouncers really chased those motherFu**ker out from the premises if they found smoking!
Well, at least it will an option to my friends who dislike smokey and smelly place to chill at.

Here I was, sitting at the lounge.
I was not intended to go crazy that night.
Just a nice vodka and cool music will do for the night.

*took this snapshot with my E71 phone.
Not bad, still quite clear even though it was kinda dark

There it is..
The signboard which I am hunting for before I headed home that night.

Yucky Experience at SS2 – Pre Valentine’s Day ruined!

No need to say where it was!
Just looked at this picture.
It tells the whole story…

Ice-cream is great!!…
It was too warm. We ended up sweating even with the air-con in the premises!

No worries..
Still managed to get myself a smile in this snapshot!


SunWong…Trying the Ultimate Tea Milk! Best in Town!

RM5 for a glass of this.
Expensive but it’s worth it.
It was covered with the ice rock as to preserve the taste of the tea milk.
Taste is very concentrated till the very last drop in the glass.
Thus, the melting ice won’t get into the drink and dilute the taste of the rich sweetness of the tea milk.

Also available in “cham” too!
Try it.

Venue: Jaya One, Ground Floor.
Name of the place: Sun Wong (it’s the one facing UTAR @ PJ campus)

Good luck!

Shirlene with her ultimate peace sign!!

body {background-image: url(“”); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }
And of course my favorite guy on earth!

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