I Have Moved on..Now it’s about The Great Guardian Makeover @ Bandar Utama 11 April 2009

/>body {background-image: url(“http://i342.photobucket.com/albums/o401/Thecutestblogontheblock/fairydustcopy.jpg”); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixedI was not in a state to blog for couple of weeks especially after Odie left us towards the RainBow Land:-where all the pets went to after they left the earth.

I could imagine Odie is running on the rainbow towards the light…
Don’t run away from the light like you used to…
Run towards it instead ya!!

Problems came to me in a package..
TO be exact, in a combo-meal
Cope with death of a dear friend, Odie…

Nevertheless, I have moved on..
I have to move on..
I have to continue to do what I love to do..
To blog about my life…
Never Give up..
Never Say Die..

Today’s post is about the The Great Guardian Makeover held at the Bandar Utama Concourse on 11th April 2009. I went with Shirlene that day and we do had fun too!

To get the ticket for RM10, all I did was to purchase minimum RM30 worth of products from the participating brands from any Guardian outlets nationwide. Then, I also bought myself the goodie bag for RM11.88 with all the toiletries that I really need for my daily routine.

Before we hit to the location, we headed to Dim Sum Place @ SS2 for quick breakfast. Took a few snapshots while waiting for the food to come. Excited about it, totally! Not trying being too much or overwhelmed, I am just wondering what I am gonna looked like AFTER the makeover? But, a sneak info here, I loved the make-up and the look, the outcome,a.k.a Picture:-SUCKS!!!!!

The entrance prepared all the goodie bags for us. We loved it! Thanks Guardian….
It was crowded that day, so we tried to go there by 11am the latest. It seems that the others came much more earlier than us.

We need to line up b4 we could get our personalized makeover by the professional make-up artists.

Here you go…
The pictures that we took…
For more pictures, do feel free to check it out at this link add:- www.multiply.com

We ended the day with a great lunch @ Sakae Sushi, One Utama

3 thoughts on “I Have Moved on..Now it’s about The Great Guardian Makeover @ Bandar Utama 11 April 2009

  1. haha you dont have a chat box right? have to reply you with the comment section haha..eh just realised you have a very nice template.. love the ribbons at the sides! =D

  2. ok,you just gave me guts to do the make over,next time at mall,i just over to the counter to see how can transform a 44 years man,let say to Christiano Ronaldo.you have a good holiday and follow with a good weekend,yatake care

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