BaDaa Bing..BaDaa Boom….. What’s going on with my life?

br />body {background-image: url(“”); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: Sounds dramatic huh…well..this is how the Mafia works! “BaaDaa Bing BaaDaa Boom! That’s how we work!!! (Taken from GodFather, The Movie)

Well, it’s just a gimmick for this blog this time.
It’s all about all the post-dated blog that I supposed to blog for long long time ago…long-awaited until Shirlene, asking….”eh…your blog is not updated ler…why still about SunBurst ler???”

Walao….I ade blog reader jugak…heheheh…not bad…thought wanna write this blog as my daily journal…
Now at least I got 2 loyal fans, i.e. Jun Sern & Shirlene.

Okie….I get it….I am a Queen of Procrastination! But not during Work Time! So, please rest assured that I am a totally different person when comes to work.

New Addiction:- WiFi-ing

It has been a while since I am subscribing Maxis BroadBand and complaining about it for quite sometime. My dear Dell Laptop was being deserted for quite a while until recently Maxis improved the line accessibility. Thank God! God Bless Maxis and the all the subscribers that paying RM138 per month for a snail-paced internet access!

Thanks to Shirlene, I “terkena” wabak Wi-Fi that has been my favorite thing to do whenever I am free. Since my working place very near with the Wi-Fi spots, it’s a bonus for me then! BroadBand..? Stay home! It’s still in use & being obsolete, it’s just being “transferred” to Home-Based till further notice. Either “being terminated” or “downsizing” its usage.

Talk about wi-fi, it’s also about food too! Well, you can’t expect to be there at the spot and wi-fi for free!!! That’s a cheap-skate way of doing thing & it irritates me, literally!

1. Please buy something, at least a proper meal or a drink will do. If you planned to be there for very long time, at least buy another drink(within your budget) after couple of hours. Please! Don’t be cheap skate! Students out there! Alert! Alert!

2. One Plug, One Laptop, One User. For goodness sake, please be considerate! The plugs are for laptop use only! I do encounter wi-fi users use it to charge phone too, while the other one is for his/her personal laptop! Hello!!! Don’t be so selfish! You wanna be selfish, go to Wet Market, so many fishes there! In the Mafia world, being selfish will end up “swimming with the fishes!”

3. If you have no intention to use the wi-fi connection, please do not sit at the place where the plug is located! Hello…again…other wi-fi users need to use it! Oiii! Buta ka!!!

4. Silence is crucial. Please do give other wi-fi users a peace of mind when they are surfing! Nobody is interested with your post rock song collections from i-Tunes! Damn it! Even KoRn fans are not showing off by blasting their hit list at wi-fi hot spots!

Wi-Fi connection has made me to access my blog and fb everywhere I want. It’s quite cool and I am kinda love the feeling to go online at wi-fi spots. When comes to checking e-mails, blogging or even updating my fb, I am more focus and comfortable. Home still ok for me though, but I would prefer wi-fi with friends out there at hot spots.

Not to forget, you could instantly check out the updates and cool stuffs with your friends too!

:-“eh eh..check out the hot guy here!:-“

Children Freak Me Out!
Please do enlighten me and convince me! Why woman need a child for?

When come to kids, to be frank, I am not good at it at all! I don’t have the patience and their screaming killing me, very fast! I worked in Kumon Center before and I do enjoy the work, but the kids,’s very challenging! You see, in Kumon center, you are dealing with smart kids that already have minds of their own. Worst, when spoil brat + smart kids in a combo, that would be your worst nightmare. Trust me, they are far more worst than a evil ADULT!


You are an adult and it will look silly & ridiculous on yourself when you picked on a KID! Especially when the kid said something that wreck your nerves and you almost burst most of your arteries, as an adult, you need to maintain your calmness & to reason with the KID, a.k.a Little Devil I called BRAT!

Screw the parenting skills, I just believe in one “swop” at the face and the KID will learn to RESPECT! Come on! Negotiating with the KID only make things worse. It puts the ADULT at the disadvantage. To be honest, if the KID smart enough, he/she should be RUDE to ADULT. Well, it seems that the KID being smart at the wrong way, therefore a “SWOP” at the face will “fix” the “loosen” screw in the head! =PROBLEM SOLVED=

Call me brutal,babaric & uneducated-unmarried-bitch-who-never-had-a-KID-B4…..
I am terrified when I observed how the kids nowadays treating their parents.

For example:-
1. School Bags! KID, please carry your own la…u can’t carry it, please drag it YOURSELF! That’s why the new design came with the roller! Don’t depend on your parents.

2. Put your Fucking PSP in the bag during dinner, especially at the restaurant! FUCK! You can play till your dick ROT after the dinner ok!!! Dinner is the time for quality family time! Idiot! Your parent wasting loads of $$$ sending you to private schools and tuition to be a ignorant FUCKING RUDE KID!!!!

3. To all KIDS, don’t you dare to talk back to your parents especially if you are still sucking their Money! If I were your older sister, you will never see tomorrow and I will convince the parent to make the new sibling & tell the new one how STUPID the previous one…. (taken by stand-up comedian, Russel Peter)

Will she be the Angel or the Devil?

Hope this Little one will grow up and be a good angel that whack the other devil brat that being an asshole!

Jun Sern…The next Punisher Master!

Next Blog:- The Great Guardian Makeover April 11 & other Post Dated Blogs


One thought on “BaDaa Bing..BaDaa Boom….. What’s going on with my life?

  1. learn to be a better parent! its all part and parcel in life… we are always learning! so dun deem urself as a bad parent! never give up before u even start the race!

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