SunBurst KL 21 March 2009 – KoRn Concert

First thing first, we went to KFC drive-thru to get ourselves energized for the event! Yeap! That means, lots of meats and carbs! Ended up in a long queue where the stupid system KFC has for the drive-thru. One person taking the order, same person get the orders ready and the same fella to take the money! Sounds like cost management for KFC by imposed multi-tasking, yet…It’s stupid and not effective AT ALL! Hey, learn from MacD or KFC will go all the way down!
While waiting for the long queue to get moving and waiting for our turn, we took this snapshot Just get the mood pumped up! yea!!! KoRN! Here We Come~! Check out Jun Sern’s pose! Hahaha! Seldom to see him so excited like this! Guess, KoRn really pumped his adrenalin up!!!!!!

When we arrived at Bukit Kiara, the cars were jammed packed at the roadside! When we saw that, we was like…”WTF?! I think we are going to walk 5km from our parking spot just to get to the entrance! Luckily, we wore flat and comfortable shoes! Learnt from last year Sunburst’s experience, we must wear something comfortable or we are going to be ended up walking “tempang-ing” all the way!!!!

Here I am, at the entrance, with the HORSE sign!!! Guess, I need to be cautious or I might be run over by an angry horse..or an excited horse, after listening to the blasting moooziksss!

Ah-ah! Not going to say more here as the photos will all the stories! Enjoy!~~

Got X? nah.. I stick with MAXIS!! Wuhahahha! DiGi…I ain’t gonna follow you either!

Got ourselves beer from TurBorG! Let’s get high before the KoRn concert!

Bought myself a bennie(hope I spelled it right?!).

All of us is beautiful no matter who we are!

While rocking with KoRn, sempat lagi to take a shot of a picture!

JD with his cool style! But he need to lose weight! What with the beer belly?!!!

Yea!! Rock On!!

After the KoRn concert, we still going on with the “Twilight Action Girl”!

Take a last shot b4 we headed home………

After that… 5.30am


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