My Career Journey

13 Mar
Working all day long to achieve the target that assigned to me. Last year managed to achieve mine and this year the management has increased it! Damn…from RM1 mil to RM1.7 mil per month!It’s madness! It’s a new challenge for me this year around. Tons of appointments to attend, loads of briefings and meeting to oblige, several exams for my licensing and non-stop phone ringing! Added more to my morning agenda, to clear the outstandings and managing my subordinate..goodness, luckily only ONE under me so far!
It’s kinda frustrating sometimes when things don’t go our way and lots of re-scheduling is going on throughout the day. Travelling around KL and PJ is part of my daily routine now and it seems that lots of my sales went down to the drain! Thanks to the market meltdown, it has been slow and ineffective when comes to my marketing strategy. I need to change it immediately or I am gonna lose my job very soon!
My phone and my iPod are the only thing that keep my sanity each day. I am lucky as my boss is a very understanding as my daily work always put me in a stressful stage. Yet, to be in a high performance culture, i.e the organization that I’m joining for almost 9 months, excuses are not ACCEPTABLE here, only results. Well, at least last year I was rewarded well for my performance and really happy about but this year it’s gonna be tough challenge for me. The 1st Quarter itself I not even reach 30% of my Year-To-Date target which I set for myself, which is equal to: DISASTER! Damn! I am not going to be here by the next Quarter if I am not performing by end of this year! That is RM2.8 mil by 31 March 2009! Damn! God Help ME!
Today, I was nearly pushed to the edge and gonna experience total burnout! Not going to complain about it further as I am accepting as part of my ups and downs of my career. What I did was I switched off my phone and get my long-deficit sleep for 3 hours straight and put my phone back on after that. I felt better but only for a while as I need to fix it again tomorrow morning. Yes, SATURDAY morning.
Lots of family and friends’ gathering, night-out even weddings I have to say “No” to and I felt quite shitty after that. I don’t spent much time as I used to before this and I am looking forward to make it up to them. I’m really sorry for my PT as I always back out last minute and my gym time really been slashed to the max! THEREFORE, I took my leave this Monday and sort all of these and I am not going to put much of time with work at the moment! It’s ME time, this time….
Well, guess I need to post ALL the back-dated blogs and pictures this weekends, so hopefully this can make me feel better and back on track…
On track: Where Work and Personal Aligned and Balanced!
Signing off

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