BFF? Why label them when it’s not genuine

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I came across a blog today and it caught my attention!

Paris & Nicole..
Ring a bell anyone?

They have been the best of friends for ages. Still ended up fighting with each other! Why?
Jealousy? Because the other has improved….either became prettier? Skinnier? Or get all the hottest guys’ attention? The other BFF got the attention since she always the “side-kick” all the time….

Feel threatened..the other BFF tried to copy whatever the other BFF did. She gone slim, the other wanna get to be skinny too! The other started to date a rock star, the other one “tak mau kalah”! The other get to go hot parties and get invited to be one of the great-happenings crowd; the other one don’t want to be left behind either. Therefore, by copying each other like that, we get to see “plastics” everywhere! A.K.A Mass production of a similar products with no self-identity.

BFF? How come they actually exist? Seriously..I don’t know the answer. Maybe they like the same thing, they love shopping together, they are happy with each other..because they are similar….
BFF? Why they hate each other after a while and burnt bridges with each other? My understanding perhaps is the other one has moved on, to be more prettier? More mature? Or has a NEW BFF? Thus, the other BFF “bengang” and started a WAR?!
Maybe..Maybe Not…

I’ve seen few friends of mine gone through this UGLY phase. Well, indeed I have to agree, PEER PRESSURE made you do stupid things! All I can do is watch, wait and see. 5 years down the road, what is gonna happen to these girls? Are they going for better or worse?

Sumandak, signing off


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