Year End Malacca Trip – Post X’Mas Celebration

I’d arranged with Angel and she agreed to take us around the place with Jun Sern. So excited and after a light breakfast at home, we off to Malacca. Traffic was fine and Jun Sern bought me Ice Cream…

The day started off with lunch at town area. We had chicken rice balls and black bean soup. The rice balls were soft and not too oily. After lunch, we went for a reflexology massage! It’s so good that Jun Sern actually fell asleep and snores!

River Cruise! That’s a new thing for me! We managed to get few photos along the cruise. The experience:- Calm and quite relaxing.

Then after we checked-in and freshen up in a quick zap, we continue our journey to tour around Malacca. So the next stop was the Satay Celop! The boss was really pain in the a**! Why? He’s such a rude dumbass Chi-beng uncle who thinks we as customers are bunch of idiots!
Why I said so?

This is the story:
Well, when you are in a satay celop restaurant/stall, the satay gravy needed to be stirred constantly as to prevent the “kacang” crumpled up in it. So, before you stir it, a smart fella would lift up all the satays/sticks First, then you stir it…

Why? So that the sticks don’t get messed up or the meatballs/fishballs/whatever you picked for “celop-ing” will not dropped/”terkeluar” and fell deep into the gravy…

SO…! This (dumba*s) Hero = tauke of the restaurant, just simply stirred the gravy in a HARD & FURIOUS Way, with all the satay sticks inside the pot! By doing that, it actually messed things up!

Jun Sern was being a nice guy and lift up the sticks so that the HERO could stirred the gravy smoothly and need not to stir it in a FURIOUS way. The HERO just TELL Jun Sern off by saying: LEAVE IT THERE! I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING! JUST! LEAVE IT THERE!(In a very rude tone!)

>>>What the F*^%! Son of the B*&$%! >>>

But, towards the Singaporeans(it’s obvious! From the way they talked & dressed!)…AMBOI!!! Bukan main manis mulut si HERO tu… as if they are the GODs from the sky padahal asal orang-orang “high class” ni are from the land of Small Midget Island!

Spoilt the night’s mood! compensate the “dark” mood we had after that, we headed to the Ikan Bakar place! Woohooo….Makan Makan Makan!Crowd-Total Madness! This is because the next day was a public holiday and lots of people went there for a great meal regardless of the time. We reached there quite late that night. Long waiting for the food though, we still enjoyed the meal.

Then we headed back and hit the sack!

The next morning after breakfast, we went around Malacca town and Jonker street before we head back to PJ. Again, we continued for our food hunting!

Right after that we went to the museum to know more about Malacca itself. We found lots of historical items in the place and we felt nostalgic in a way too! For examples, phones that from our grandfather’s era! Type of bicycle that my mum used to go to school…etc.

We did bought few souvenirs. One of them is a cute T-shirt from Malacca local talent.

After the museum, we went for a tour around Malacca to get more photos! It’s warm and Jun Sern was sweating…That means:- Time for Cendol. The taste:- Superb! Love the Gula Melaka sweet taste! Yummy!

There are lots of interesting place to take photos with..I would say, it’s a great place for me to get more interesting photos too!

I love this car!

Photos with authentic values…


Lastly..we headed back to PJ..

Took this snapshot! You can’t find it in KL/PJ…

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