Weekend Food Trip to Ipoh

On the table: “PORK” Satay(non-halal la!! Wooo! !), custard(that always sold out! So always go early to get it)

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I went to Jun Sern’s hometown-Ipoh for a food trip. I heard that the food is marvelous! Especially chicken rice! I’m all over for chicken rice. Both steam & fried, favorite part =definitely “gai pei”, means chicken drumsticks. At least no one is fighting with to get this best part as my family, I’m the only one love drumsticks! Yippie! Food conflict – Sole Winner!

Food-it’s my favorite topic that I would love to talk about literally. I went to Penang & Ipoh so far to taste the local cuisine as a starter. I will blog about my Penang trip next time as I have experience great deal of food for a affordable price.

Shops are mostly old and the town quite slow, I would say. Most of the younger generations go to the city for greener pastures and to start off with their career/earn money.

(White Coffee and Milo Ice-Kau Kau;Food: Chee Cheong Fun with Curry)

Ipoh-Jun Sern’s hometown and it’s also a place with fair girls too! His sister is one of them…

But there is one thing I don’t really fancy about the small town, i.e. Parking Coupon System! Hai…Jun Sern and I always forget about it once we parked at the town area. In the end, we ended up searching high & low for the coupon!!!! Irritating!!

I really looking forward for the next food-hunting trip again to Ipoh! Wuhahahahha…Food! Food! More Food!


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