CNY-Holiday Mood or Holiday Blues

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Chinese New Year…compared to last year, I’ve posted few pictures on my blog. But this year, I’m gonna do it differently…

Now, I’m still at home, enjoying my CNY leaves till next Monday. Throughout these days, I was too occupied with food, tons of lazying around. Lots of TV and DVD marathon since last Friday night. It seems that my celebration this year was kinda ‘DEAD’. Opps..not a nice thing to say during the CNY festive seasons though..oh should I’s more like a “Moooooo” days for me…(This year is the year of OX, a year with slow & steady mode…like..mmmoooo….nngooooo….sloooowww…but steadyyyyy…)

Suddenly, I felt empty and stressed out! Tons of phone calls to me since yesterday! It seems that my customers and the office can’t stopped pestering me! Damn! Can’t they just wait!!!! Damn!! Pretty F**ked up! During pre-CNY I’m super bored! Friends are not around! So = No clubbing! If ade pun, not invited pun! F**ked! I’m out of the invitation list for so long! Thanks my “friends”..oh..should I put it…”blood-sucker friends!”…you only need us when nobody need you! Wasted bitchs/bastards acted as if they are so happening..padahal…they are just tumpang someone’s glory and popularity! Poor thing..should I call you the freeloader instead?

Enough of these horrible statements…just wanna let out my anger and unnecessary stress….fohhh….mooooh it away….moooooohhh….moooohh…..

Maybe…next time…
I should blog a more pleasant thing next time!
Happy CNY folks!


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