Kota Kinabalu- My Home My Sweet Sweet Home

Let’s do it backward..from the last day I was in KK to the first very day..

After a brunch meal the “man tai” at Dah Yeh Villa, I went to my previous high school to take some photos for remembrance. I will never know when I am going to come back again to this place.

The above photo I took is the school trademark. “Tshung Tsin Pagoda” = “Chung Zhen Ting” in mandarin. Here, is the most popular place to meet up in those days and for young couples to pass love notes secretly…wuhahha….I am “NOT” one of them! For God Sake! Coz..I prefer the school library! Wuahhaha! The place is quiet and ade air-con! Bodohlah those people mau curi-curi pak toh at Pagoda, PANAS La!!!

This is the front gate of the school…to be honest…I dun have much good memories from this place. Tak-happening langsung! I chose the wrong school obviously! Should have took the offer to go St. Francis Convent instead, where all my sisters went. But, I was generous that time and passed to my friend the offer as she really wanted to go to that school as she got offered to enter another “pariah” school..

Enough talking about the school…it was long gone from my head anyway! Let’s “drink” about this JUMBO size Sugar Cane for RM3.50 at Tanjung Aru stalls! Wuhahahha! I was so thirsty that day and this large cup of drink save the day! Kita minum dulu! Glup! Glup! Glup!

Took my my shoes and jumped into the sea!!! Looked like a suicide to me…
Darn! Juz kidding! I took off the shoes coz my feet hurt like it’s gonna blow off all toes into pieces! Took a rest that afternoon without my killer-4-inch high heels…Ahhhh…It’s more comfortable…

Check out the sea breeze and feeling the wind! The beach was my place to break-free from the city life and hectic school matters. It’s also a place I can scream and swear all the bastards and assholes that spoiled my day!

“War-Tan-Ho!!” This is the evil food that contributed my high cholesterol level in my body and 32-inch waistline since my childhood till I am 19 years old.
It’s so evil until the taste is so good and perfect for relieved my stress by stuffing it to my mouth non-stop. For the record, I ate 3 plates in one night with my family before. That will be the first and the last time I ever do it!

Food again! Okie, this time I am going to categorize this food as normal. Not so evil, coz I am not eating this most of the time. I had this dinner when I met all my classmates near the hotel I’m staying during the trip.

These ladies over here were my classmates back in high school. Gossiping,kepoh-ing and being a girly-vain were part of our daily routine. Okie, maybe few of them were not that vain that time.

This is the place that I am looking for! Place to unwind and get to know good looking people and to feel good at the same time! Most of the people here were friendly! The crowd is much better than the clubbing crowd in KL. Ade class sikit…hehehe…KL clubbers,”jangan marah”!





The Main Agenda of my KK-Trip~ My Cousin Debbie’s Wedding

It’s her BIG Day! We were quite close as we stayed together back in Singapore with my sisters too. That time I was working in Singapore for almost a year. The day started with the church ceremony followed by lunch then dancing then eating then drinking then……dancing..then eating…then dancing….then drinking..then……….dancing……and….it kept on like that for days……

Enough talking….may I present you the photos taken on that BIG DAY..Enjoy……







!~That’s all for the BIG DAY!~






Let’s continue with the other days in KK

I missed my hometown so much! That’s why I titled my blog as : ” A Girl Who Misses Her Home”. I am more of a kampung girl even though being staying in KK City. I prefer the food, the environment and the people here in KK. Friends and family are mostly from here.

KL or PJ is not a bad place either. But there is few things I am kinda…err…piss-off! Girls here are more “plastic” la… Met some of them along the way and I’m kinda piss-off with these Made-in-China “plastics” that are mass produced with no own individual personal style!

Enough said of these people, not to mention, Southern Man of Peninsula Malaysia…Especially Seremban/PD guyz..hmm..I have to say…it’s a birth place of worst Boyfriends! Self-centered bastards…Alpha males…and so-CHINA MAN~!

Ahh..I shall continue about these horrible creatures I met in my future blogs…coz this blog’s topic supposed to be happy one….

Let’s continue..









Took a shot of this ad: Man! You will never find one of this in KL!

Pretty…The Thme is about Harvest Festival in Sabah with the special wishes: Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan

Please meet my new family member: Billy the black Mongrel…

Waggy waggy Tail with a Cheerful attitude that you can’t find in some of the high-class pedigree dogs…Ahahha…

Billy…Cute La! Bawa pulang! Sure kena tahan Imigresen!

Say Billy!!!! He and his sexy tongue!

The dress behind may looked bit old fashioned…but it’s cheap! heheheh!

It may a good option for me…a cheap dress for a wedding…in the future…at least I know where to find…

My Kampung House! Still the same since more than 50 years ago! My late father and his family stayed there since he’s a kid! It’s still going strong…

This is my favourite Chicken Rice paradise! Way better thatn Ipoh Chicken Rice… Oppss… Sorry Dear, I still vote this as My All-time Fav Chicken Rice ya!
Even the tauke still remember me and my sisters and asking for my mum…hehehhe…same old waitress…of coz with few new ones..

Remember I mentioned about my evil food…this is the HELL-HOLE that producing it…

Don’t be deceived with the Diamond Entrance Name up there folks!

It’s evil..once you taste the food…you can’t stop and you will be addicted to it!

Maxis Hotlink go all the way to Sabah! Not bad! Well…I took this shot because you will never find one in KL/PJ as well..

Ahaha! Kiasu!!

I even asked my sister to slow down the car so that I could take a clearer picture of this!

Okie….time to go home

See you in the next blog!

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