x’mas Shopping Buddy @ The Curve

It’s time to go shopping!!!

Called up Shirlene in the afternoon and asked whether she is free to go out. Decided to go The Curve for a quick X’mas shopping & looking for Jun Sern’s present too. Jalan-jalan all the way to the end till to the other end. Taking lots of snapshots…here and there! Found a new pet for me-A great camel and it is also known to be Shirlene’s long-lost cousin!
Hahahahah! Then, we took few shots as we were able to be seen on the photo like celebrity! Ahhaa…at least..something to laugh about!~

As usual, the day need to be started with FULL stomach…Yupe yupe…makan time! This time we chose Sakae. Hmmm….it seems that both of us are Japanese Food Great Fan eh..!~ Our all time fav, Hana-Maki! Don’t we just love it! Eat Eat Eat! Then, I got free “gula-ketuk” and Ice Cream too! Yummy!

Then I targeted one great top but can’t fit! Darn! So called Free Size! Tak Boleh masuk la! Fatttttt! Time to go for intensive gym sessions and strict diet!

Thank you for being there for me! Appreciate it!

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