Shopping Buddy-The Pavillion

17 Dec
Eve and I went to The Pavillion for a quick shopping as we’ve been looking forward it for quite some time! Thanks to my busy work schedule and unlimited workloads! Gossipping Time!!!!

Sunday afternoon was a great time for us to start off the day with brunch at Sakae…actually, it’s more like a light meal-I would say:Tea Time!!!
As usual we ordered sashimi, Hana Maki, Temaki Roll, soups and potato salad and many more…..ah…! So called to diet and maintain! Not Today Obviously…!~

The day we went around the place and did managed to find the clothings that suit me. I can’t wear those fancy type of OL outfit as I need to keep the professionalism during work day. So, it was kinda conservative when comes to the design and the cutting as well.

Colour wise:- Blue, Black and grey….(yupe, serious…it was a major challenge for me to find these!)

Objective achieved! Eve did bought herself few outfit that she fond of too! We ended the day with a quick break at The Loft…

Drinks and cheese cake were superb…

Do try it sometimes….

Feel free to check out:

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