"Kenduri" at UM Branch

Hari Raya!!! Hari Raya!
It’s the time for great company, forgiving each other and FOOD!!!
We had a small one at our branch before most of us off for Raya Holiday and also this was the day Remi will be leaving us for a better oppourtunity :- Farewell gathering for Remi!

Been joining them for 4 months now and I am very much happier to work here as manager and colleagues are very nice and cooperative too!
I’m blessed to meet these people especially my Branch Manager :- who is also leaving soon….Puan Roslina..
Petite yet firm. It’s a leadership that not everyone have the chance to learn from. She is full of wisdom and willing to share her knowledge. Empathy yet stern when needed. Overall:- Balanced and a leader that not most young generations have the traits to be this kind of leader.
The cake! Yummy… Wanna have some???? hehehehe….

feel free to check it out:


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