10-Day Training @ Bangi, PusatPutra

10-Day sounds like a long one! Well, it’s not really a draggy one if you were with the most happening people in the world! Yeap! I’m talking about the new friends I met here during the training.
These people are from different background and I am glad that I met them!
Genuine friendships blossomed and we are really looking forward for a new experience of true friendships!
Sms-ing even though we were back to our own hometown and branches…still keeping in touch with each other…
I am learning to the new environment as it is much different from the uni-life 2 years ago.
I learn about adulthood(way beyond mine), marriage, different mentality from different age level of people.
Once again, I’m blessed to meet these people and I am really hoping we could be friends for decades! Years to come…..


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