Selangor Vs Kedah ~ Piala Malaysia (Final) ~ Disappointing!!!!

It was my first time to go for a football match. We are talking about Piala Malaysia final! Selangor Vs Kedah! It was a match that local fans are waiting for!

Sadly, Selangor fans do even filled up half of the stadium. Hello! Mana u all eh??? Watching Argentina Vs Nigeria!!! Thanks guys, you all were so “supportive”~!
Nevertheles, we still here to support Selangor team! My guy and Kevin are the die-hard fan for this team! Well, even though the team can’t win the game, I think they need to change coach!!!!!! Man, your strategy sucks and your players were not well motivated too!

Again the score is 2-3. Maybe next time folks~
To the players, U need to change your mentality and please, for GOD’s sakes, CHASE the Bloody ball! Don’t expect it to go to you, MORON! The Club don’t pay you to wait for the ball, BOYS!!!


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