Home Painting-DIY

The grill gate in front of my house is really irritating and I think it’s a bad “Feng Shui” to have a black gate too!

So my guy and I decided to paint it with a sweeter and warm colour. Decided!! So we went shopping for the necessary equipments and off we go for the DIY project of ours!

We were satisfied with the outcome and we are looking forward for more DIY projects soon…
I think it’s a better way to spend quality time with each other rather than splurge on expensive entertainments! Hehehehehe….

We do have company too….little Frodo, the neighbour’s dog(Doberman). Keep barking and jumping! How irritating…but it’s fun to see a dog jumping around like that. It seems that he was tired after 3 hours acting like a joker! Hahahahaha! And sleep! Flat on the ground after that….

Hmm….what should we do next time? Perhaps Revamp my room??? Or my backyard! hehehehe..I hope I don’t scare my Guy….

p/s: Don’t worry dear, you will be rewarded generously…..a massage perhaps?

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