Chilling @ Luna Bar, KL

It’s time for me to DRINK@@@@@ I sounded like a “kudi-karan” eh! Never fear! I’m still sober and do not have a drinking problem… So, again my guy and I wanna go for a chilling session at somewhere we could REALLY chill…. ~ LUNA Bar ~ it is!

As usual, my guy gathered his fellow mates while I’m busying get ready for the night! Simple one will do, so I choose the top I bought from Spade as I finally have the chance to wear after bought it for quite some time! If not the top will end up rotten in my wardrobe for the next one hundred years!

The club’s management was generous and gave me a simple door gift. Kudos….

The night scenery was superb and you can feel the wind, the gentle one….it calmed me instantly~ KL Tower is like few metres away and so does the moon! Hahahah! Because Luna Bar is located at the top floor of the building. Nice and cozy too…

Yupe! Yupe! Wanna go again…but only for special occassion…maybe my next year birthday??? hehehehehe! *hint* *hint*


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