Post Birthday Celebration – With Family @ Seo Gung, SS2 ; 4th June 2008

My 3rd Birthday Celebration in a row!!! This time @ Seo Gung, SS2!

Minus the part whereas we got the news of the massive petrol hike, I still go on with the plan. While others heading to the petrol station to pump petrol, we were at Seo Gung SS2, to celebrate my birthday with my family, exclusively. Mind you, my sis was not free on the 3rd June itself, that’s why we went the day after.

Seo Gung is a Korean BBQ place where people came here for the great service and food too! Love the concept as everything will be done for you. Yupe, you need to grill and to cook the food YOURSELF, the staffs will help you instead. The combo-set came with 2 complimentary fishes and steam egg too! Wow! Impressive….

Thank you babe for the surprise b’day dinner, the cake, The EarthQuake, Babi BBQ and your mini-Cake! Love yea!!!!

Feel Free to check out more pictures at:

Happy Reading!


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