My FareWell @ UOB 26 May 2008

On the 26th May 2008, it was my last day for me @ UOB. I will miss my friends over there! On the day itself, my Branch Manager and another colleague of mine resigned too. Yeap, the 3-Charmed ones! hahahha! Perhaps, the Angels decided to fly away for a better place.

Ms. Swa, Hasni & I:

Good luck to us.

May we may have smooth sailing endeavour in our new pathway

Friends and colleagues, will be missed and this is not the final good bye to you and me

Keep in touch always as friendships will never die!

Gift that given to me that I always cherish it for the rest of my life

Front View Back View

As we made friends along the way, it is important to cherish. Some worth keeping it while some don’t. Be wise to choose and Be wise to live.

We had light refreshments and food during the farewell gathering before we head off to home. Domino Pizza and my all-time fav, Coke!! Yummmmmy! Take some shots for remembrance and after that I headed to Mid Valley with my guy to start my One Month Break! Woohoo!

For more pictures, do feel feel free to check it out at this link:


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