My B’day Suprise Dinner @ CitiTel Mid Valley – 1 June 2008

Babe arranged a surprise dinner for me and I really excited when I found out about it…just minutes before the dinner! Initially, I thought this gonna be simple dinner date. Silly me…still clueless till the last minute.

My Present

Thanks again! Babe! You are the man!!!

Most of his friends were there and I was quite happy about it. Not to forget, 2 ji-mui also came for the dinner too. Fang Fang came all the way from Banting to celebrate with me. Erica came too! And that really a plus for me! A gift that I will never forget!

Erica, Fang Fang and I

The food here were superb and you eat all you can too!!!

Location : CitiTel Hotel, Mid Valley

Buffet only available Sunday to Thursday Only. Unlimited main course and buffet too!!!

Thank you to my Darling and my Friends who came for the dinner!

For more pictures, feel free to check it out at:


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