PaintBall @ Tanamera, Sungai Buloh

We went to Sungai Buloh to have a paintball session. Just to get the thrill of it! I was a bit scared and what the heck! I’m scared that I might being shot and feel the pain to the maximum. Not to mention, I’m quite annoyed if I am shot and get bruises on all over my body that last for weeks!
It was organized by Aaron and it was obviously a battle between non lawyers VS lawyers! Hahahah! The whole gang was about 30 plus people joined the battle and towards the end of the day, we ganged up instead to go against with the other outsider team(whole jing bang of Chi-Ed Ah Peks & Ah Bengs)! Thanks to the elite team, We Won!!! WooHoo!
Nevertheles, though we were tired like we can’t even walked properly, I wanna go for some more in the future!~ Perhaps, next month???
Care for another round guys???
Feel free to check out more pictures at:
This is me! Ready to battle!

That’s my equipments and weapons~

That’s my macha team!

After Math! All Sweat up! Want some more!

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