Weekends Partying – Prashant’s BDay (Friday)

18 May
Yuppie…Line is resume back. Thanks to my baby darling who is always be there to help me out! Damn! Shame on me! Even my own thing also can’t handle!
MC or Annual Leave?

Well.. I decided to go to work. Take it slow and finish my work then off to party!!!!
After a quick shower then Babe & I off to Prashant’s house for the BBQ session… It was slow and easy. Hot too! Damn! Thanks to the constant 37 degree coz of worsen global warming.

This is officially belongs to Prashant’s(Birthday Boy) ultimate cup solely for liquor only. Suprisingly, someone actually could find this in the church too! wow! That’s a amazing fact that I never heard of.

This is us! The sweaty couple who are hungry too! Okie! Time to BBQ!

Yupz! For the Real BDay Boy, Please Raise ur Hand Up!! (They were playing “Shit-Face”)

After the BBQ party, we went to Maison for a short after-party booz-ing…

Hereby..the photos:

That’s all folks…for more photos, it will be in my FaceBook then…..

One Response to “Weekends Partying – Prashant’s BDay (Friday)”

  1. koRnholio May 30, 2008 at 8:42 pm #

    had lotsa fun ahahaha

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