It has been a while since I went partying! The last time I came here was last 2 years! Damn! Time Flies!

Been partying since last week at Velvet@Zouk, I enjoyed the company with all the friends and JunSern! Actually I just wanna go there and have a drink then just chilled. I have left clubbing scene for quite some time since I started work. Kinda normal though but still going to have fun with friends & loved one.
Then, yesterday night went to ALi Yaa @ Jalan Dungun. My first time there and there crowd were most mature cool adults if compared to Zouk where you can see lots of wannabes inside there. No club hits as it’s purely entertained by life band. Nice place for a birthday function and if you wanna have chatty sessions with your friends. But for me, I still love clubs where you can dance and hit the dance floor & PARTY!!

Planning to PD with loved one….still thinking…how to get a leave at a such a short notice..?


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