Branch Deco~@ 2008

It has been a while since last CNY as I still remember I am helping out to clean up the Deco! Well…during cleaning up, realized something…it’s not even my job to do it! Why Am I doing it???

To be a better person I guess as to help out others as well. The process took about an hour as the whole branch was filled with these deco.

I like this spot! This is the Service Embassador spot where it is left empty for quite sometimes…So anybody interested in this job????

After that, all of us were treated a nice dinner @ ParkRoyal Hotel for a buffet. Good Food! Thanks to the branch manager!

However, things changed so much since I worked here. Certain things that I used to be very happy with it now turned sour & even painful…..
Target! Impossible Target! What am I supposed to do? People that I used to trust, now became the main culprit that made me feel so bitter inside…
Those who I never trust now is the only Best Buddy I had….
Management is tearing me up!
But, life still goes on..


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