Dinner Date

Food is always my favourite thing to do in my daily life. Having dinner with loved ones is the essential moment for me to get closer with them as I am sharing the best thing with them. Not to forget is to share the happy moment with them. Talked about everything that you feel comfortable with the person you have dinner with.
Having dinner is also the time for us to connect with our loved ones & friends as at the same time we are much often share with each other our personal problems, both good & bad news, as to ease our tension on our shoulder.
Most dates or gatherings are most likely to be held during dinner time as some of us need to work during the day, therefore to meet during lunch time is quite difficult to arrange for a meeting. Plus, dinner date means more time & perhaps a movie after that is quite an good idea though.

Pictures taken:- Most are my Favourite Dinner date/gathering with loved one & friends

Ipoh Chicken Rice

Soul Out-HArtamas

D’Kampung @ Kajang : Dinner & a Great ShiSha Time

D’Kampung Personal Companion

Dinner at Dragon-i @ Pavillion with Dinner Buddy ~ After work, catch up with gal pal
Yummy, Yummy – Time for Dinner!

Dinner Buddy : – Eve

@Pizza Uno, Centre Point :- Looks tasty!

@ Sushi King, KLCC :- Desert Time

@Sushi King, KLCC : – My Choice for the night

Enjoying it…Slowly…..

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