Food Foundry – A good Choice for affordable & good food

The day was a rainy Sunday we decided to hang out with his friends at Food Foundry. It’s actually my 1st Time to try their food. The concept is simple & practical. Service was fast & efficient.

First thing first, let’s catch up with the gossips of the current affairs…..”The Man’s Talk”…..While they were talking about… (God I wish I know)…….I was busying taking more pictures. There he goes, Mr. Aaron Mathews-Upcoming Barrister of the Century…with the loyal listener, My Fav Macha….listening to him attentively.

While browsing through the Menu, did managed to look through & ordered food which my instinct told me that my choice gonna be the right one. Err…they can do better as it’s kinda messy & odd to cancel the menu like that with a black maker pen!

Well, at least we were entertained by the big screen showing Astro shows. What with the fan doing there? Anyway, there is one spot whereas a nice cushion sofa is available for customers to sit & enjoy their food. But Too Bad, that night the seat was taken!

Ox-Tail Soup

Ice Lemon Tea

Peace Sign…that means it’s good!

Flapping away flies? Nah…..No…

That’s my man talking…wooo…macho “nyer”…

My food is here: Salmon!!!

Snacks: Hot Wedges


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