SunBurst KL @ Bukit Kiara 15 March 2008

We went to Bukit Kiara to see all the cool musicians from both local & overseas! The favourite band would DEFINITELY from The Roots! Damn! They are Damn Fu*king Good & Awesome! Their performance was so energetic from the beginning till the end! I already on the move to get their albums! I want ALL of Them! The Roots, You Go man!

That day was a rainy day & gosh the field was filled with mud! Well, it’s a good thing as we could enjoy the shows without being burned up, as we can see here Malaysia weather is hot & stuffy. The whole event started from 2pm – 2am. We arrived there around 5pm & the rain stopped..phew Luckily…

We have the whole night at the field & we were also took lots of non-stop pictures!

The Devilish In Me


Chilling with bottle of Beer

John Legend

Rocker-Chick Wannabe! Tak Jadi! Wuhahahah!
Babe & sit on the field….

We Here to Rock

The Stage




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