The Best Gift I ever Had

7 Apr
Normally ladies would get flowers, chocolates, jewelleries or even nice luxury dinner on Valentine’s Day. Well, to be honest, we can get these things on normal days too! It seems that Valentine’s Day celebration been commercialized & florists making money by cutting our throat for a bouquet of flower.

These gifts are so easy to access & it’s easy to give as well. Trust me, in long term these will be a obselete for me. Man will took you for granted & just go for these type of gift on special day like this without asking what you really really want. Personally, I would say by giving the same old thing each year bored me up very easy.

The Gift That Always be My Precious Treasure

Thank you Babe for always being there for me, ALWAYS…
Thank you for…
Your low husky voice always makes me smile & to hear you more each day
Your patience taught me that matters can be worked out eventually
Unconditional Love needed to make relationships worked out
The effort you took to make things happened & most of all to make this precious gift, a gift that I will always treasure it

~@ My Fav Macha ~@

Love you always,


One Response to “The Best Gift I ever Had”

  1. koRnholio April 7, 2008 at 3:38 pm #

    aww… now i am blushing! No probs babe! will always be there for ya thru thick and thin!

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