Lord! Hear me Pray! For World Peace! For future generations….

5 Apr


I don’t understand why religions can create hatred?

I don’t see why human race is not segregated with their religion.

Why can’t we just keep the harmony & leave the differences among us behind?

Fitna…for me it’s a complete FITNAH!

Quran should be filled with the beautiful words that guide the human race towards harmony, respect & goodness!

Obviously these Jihad Bastards reading & interpreted the Quran “WRONGLY”! Why Jews need to be get their head be chopped off? Why Women need to be mutilated? Children are taught to recognize the JEWS as the Apes & Pigs?

Gays were hanged! Women were shot straight to head without PROPER investigation! Adultery clearly is not acceptable but “stoned” to death if found guilty? Hey, Islamation is going backwards here & I don’t think this is a good idea!

Violence is used to make the world hear you! Beheading is definitely not the way to get you heard! It’s easy for these motherf**kers to claim that violence is required to get things in order. Imagine, if their loved ones are treated such was & beheaded instead?

Please Please oh Lord,

Hear me pray,

Lord Please help those people who need your guidance & sympathy,

show them the true way of life & let’s make the best out of the world,

with joyfulness, love & harmony among human despite of their different race, different background & different RELIGION!

Please, help me to be strong to accept the fact that these nightmares are actually happening! Is there anything we can do about it?

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray…..

One Response to “Lord! Hear me Pray! For World Peace! For future generations….”

  1. koRnholio April 7, 2008 at 1:48 am #

    I will not cuss them, i shall not criticize them. for this i shall let them implode. all we can do is try our best to spread goodness regarding religion race or lifestyle. We already have enough hatred, prejudice and bias ism in this world. So for now what we can do is to try our outmost best to spread patience and love to the world.

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