~@ Love Celebration In The Air! @~

1 Apr
My Dear Darling took me to KL Tower for lunch buffet as to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I was excited and I actually went shopping for the day! Sounds silly but it’s a day to celebrate which is VERY important for me. Finally, I chose the one I bought few days before the lunch date and he loved it! Woohoo! I felt good too!

The weather that time was sunny and clear. That’s mean we could see better view when we went up on the air! On top of KL Tower, we were so excited as the place is turning while you can have your tasty lunch. Food was good and the restaurant got numerous awards for their best food.

The view was magnificient and I was thrilled when I was up there with the love of my life….Thank you baby! I really love it!

These are the pictures we took for the day:~@~

Junsern & I

At the entrance

The Awards

KLCC behind me


Us…time to go home!

One Response to “~@ Love Celebration In The Air! @~”

  1. koRnholio April 7, 2008 at 1:50 am #

    let me bring u to the heavens ahha

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