Chinese New Year 2008

This will be my first CNY celebration without my GrandMa. She passed away last year & I missed her dearly. ~@May Her Soul Rest In Peace@~ This year everything will be the same. We went to our Uncle’s House to celebrate and gathered around to meet my other cousins & relatives. All of them from my mother’s side as my father’s side ALL are in Sabah-the other end of Malaysia, to be exact!~

We took this pictures at my Uncle David’s house! They got cute doggies Too! Aww! Pretty adorable creatures that captured our hearts the moment we reach his house during visiting. I need to have a dog too!
This is my new look for the year! New Year New Look! Got my haircut at Kimarie one week before this & damn there were a lot of people waiting to get their haircut too! Those hairstylist were so bz & working non-stop until one of them got their finger bleeding due to too much chemical from the hair shampoo & hair colouring!~ Eww…but poor thing, for the sake to get extra income during festive season, it seems that this is the sacrifice they need to give.
My Family of FOUR! The Lady Force of Dulau Family! We are the Dulau Ultimate Woman Party!
This is Jared! He grew up & behaved this year compared to last year. If I recall what happen last year, he actually screaming around the house and scolding his younger baby brother, Marcus. Hahahah! I think Jared felt threatened as all the attention goes to Marcus..Awww..Poor Cute Adorable Marcus@~
My cousin from Masterskills Nursing School also came for the first time to celebrate with us. Oppss! It seems that Jared wanna joined our Ladies Club! Hop On Jared!
“Mari-Mari~Jom Judi!!!Let’s win BIG Money!”~ This is our family tradition as all of us would gathered around and GAMBLE~~ But this year, it seems that everyone is slowing down as ALL of us felt someone is missing & not used to it – GRANDMA is Not Around! She has been always the “Gambling Queen”!

Overall, the whole day was celebrated with simplicity and lots of food too! Did I mentioned about the food?! “Duh!!” It’s the most important thing to have during CNY~ but they can do betterm you know! So kedekut la uncle! Hahahhaha! Ish…I didn’t contributed much but complaining Eyyy!!@~

Shereen Dulau signing off….

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