2nd CNY – Shopping @ Pavillion Mall, KL

It was the 2nd day of CNY & we decided to bring our Aunty Helen for a ride to KL. She never been to Pavillion Mall since it was opened for public. As I am a quite a regular patron at Pavillion so I was asked to lead the way there. Then I got to have a taste to ride on MyVi heading towards to KL. It was very comfortable and love it on the spot! It’s ideal for ladies who want to drive with great comfort.

My sister, Suzanne & Moi in da car! We are so happy with it and planning to buy one too! Decided to get a white MyVi as we loved the colour. Black is not bad too, err…wait…silver is not bad either…perhaps we should go for gold colour then….let me see……I don’t know which colour to pick!

This is our Aunt and here we are at the atrium took few pictures with her. The background was very simple yet beautiful to me. Not quite crowded at this time as we reached there around 11am. She always said I’m very tall and she is shrinking into dwarf soon! hahaha! Aunt with great sense of humour I would say.

I’m hungry! Very hungry for food….so we stopped by to eat! I’m having Mee-Suah @ Shilin Food stall at the Food Republic Ground Floor. It was okie for me & not to mention I love the BIG GIANT size of the chicken chop we bought that day. One Piece = 4 servings! Not bad for a food lover like us…~@ Haa Haa @~

After that shopping around then we head home for dinner…For another round of food festival awaiting @ Home


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