Sales Convention Jan 2008 @ Genting

Sales Convention was held at Genting on January 2008. It was organized EXCLUSIVELY for sales force in UOB. This event was held to appreciate the “BACKBONE” of the company that generate lucrative income to support the whole ORGANIZATION!

Events was quite a success except there were minor hiccups as the organizing commitee found it difficult to manage a BIG group of “monkeys”! As you can, Sales people unlike the Boring Admin Staff… they are bunch of Wild Spirited Happening “Monkeys”!

Of course, it was Friday that day where we went up to Genting! Before the trip, all of us don’t have the mood to work as We Are Damn Excited for the event! Hence, we did took many pictures before we off to Genting!

Moi, Zai & Joanne

Esther & I went to HQ waiting for the bus! Yeap Yeap! The Hype is approaching…@!~

Ladies in Da House! We are here! LEt’s Conquer the place!

Ahaaa…Ice Breaking Session….A bunch of Big Kids….Playing Jigsaw Puzzles…Ishhhh….

The End Product!

Me, Joanne & Esther – JSI PBC Team

Eh Eh….Zai ni….tak habis-habis!

Check in zone…

Seng Keat & I

Event Banner

The Theme Song

War Cry – Central Region! Yea! U GO MAN!!!

Hmmm..War-Cry Winners!

Ladies…show me what cha’ got!@~

JSI Team with our ex-BM

That’s me with my Red Dress


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