My Final Driving Lesson 2008

Yes! Finally! Managed to sign-up for the Driving Lesson@ my neighbourhood. I need to attend 6 hours of Theory Class which suprisingly interesting & I can’t even feel the time flies very fast!~ Instructor was very “Selamba” and have a great sense of humour too!
Not to mention, he was a soldier, a SarJan some more! Cool! He looked damn fierce when he came into the room, but when he started his lecture, it was damn interesting & Funny Too!
Parking! heheheheh…Luckily “ade” formulae! Keep Practicing the whole day! Practice make Perfect!
I still remembered that I hit the poll when I just started to park! Damn! My coordination was totally out….this is embarassing….~
That’s me! Hot and going to melt! Air-Con tak boleh pakai! Oh dear!
Naik BukiT! Surprisingly…this is the test that I can do the best among the other 2! Hhahahah! Weird!
That day was raining and I need to wind-up half of the window of the car. So I had mix feeling of stuffy and cold! I did spent about 5 hours at the center. Seriously I don’t feel the time flies so fast as this will be my last 5 hours of my lessons.

Formula! I put it there so that I could see clearly~
Hahahah…I still remember this student took about 20 minutes to get the parking right, until the instructor getting impatient and came out himself! Poor thing!~


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