~@ Be My Valentine @~

11 Mar
On the 5th Feb 2007 @ The Curve, we went there for a meal and we realised the layout is very beautiful & Sweet. It was designed conjunction with the Valentine’s Day which will be around the corner that time.

We saw lots of couple taking pictures from this one PARTICULAR spot at the Atrium @ The Cineleisure. It’s a Heart-Shaped Flower Designed set-up tgat really attracted us! Then we took this picture immediately!

JunSern looked cool with the T-Shirt as I also wore the red colour top too! Heee.. Just nice as we matched the background behind us!

This will be the better view of the whole set up. I feel the LOVE!
Babe & I went to Leka-Leka eat Ice-Cream! It was my first time and of course I am looking forward to have another one with him too!

~@ Accidentally In Love With You @~

-Rayne Couple with the Power to make the sky Cry for us-

One Response to “~@ Be My Valentine @~”

  1. koRnholio March 17, 2008 at 10:47 am #

    yea the sky is so touched it teared! hahahaha. well we should shout! WHERE IS THE LOVE!!!???!!! WHEEEEERRE IS THE LOOOOOOVE!

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