10th Month Anniversary @ SAKAE SuSHi August 2007

11 Mar
~10th Months Before We Start the Journey Together~
Ups and Downs made us realized that to make a relationships works is not an EASY task.
Fear of being disappointed also haunted me as I do not wish to get another round heartbreak.
Trust is not easy for me to give as I was betrayed as “HE” watched me as I fall.
To start all over again is never being easy for me….BUT……
(Saya peduli aper!!! Hahahahah….just wanna add some emotional substance inside)
@~After 10 Months We are Together~@
We Played Harder
We Laughed Louder
We are Happier
We Enjoyed Life Better
We Appreciate Our Day Even More
We Understand Each Other Better
We argued more Intellectually! *No Nonsense, it’s all based on solid facts!*
We cherished Each Other
We Missed Each Other Even More Each Day(*eee…kembang bulu I)
We Rock On even Harder! Kita selamba bah…..
We Loved Each Other Even Deeper!

Babe Playing Hide & Seek

The Super-Cool-Tham-Chiak-Look


Order! Everything gone Electronics! Waiters are Obsolete!

~This is my FAVs One!!!~

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