~New Tides Coming In: GoodBye Sam & Welcome Swa ~

I’ve been in the branch for almost a year now and last February 2008, our branch manager, Mr. Samuel Chen is leaving us and transfered to Kepong Branch. Our New Branch Manager is from Kota Damansara Branch Operation Manager, Ms. Swa!
Nice lady with a motherly way of leadership! Not bad for us and hopefully we can get along with her well throughout the year.
This Farawell Gathering and Welcome party was held on the 11th Feb 2008. Most of them managed to come back from their CNY holiday. We had nice and simple gathering as I took this opportunity to get more pictures with my fellow colleagues!

En. Aziz (OM), Kah Lai( Chief Cashier), Zai and Moi

This is the cake that Lina bought for the gathering. Looked like a children b’day party cake but surprising the taste is like a luxurious high class pastry! YuMmY!
Want some more! I want More! Gimme More!

Besides that, we had Dominos Pizzas and drinks to come along with it! Let’s Eat!

I took more pictures with my fellow ladies from the Teller Counters….Heeee…

There he Goes, Mr. Samuel Chen. Wish you all the best and for me this is not a farewell as we will be seeing you again!

More Pictures from My colleagus!


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