Memory From the Year 2007

8 Mar

It has been a while since I’m browsing through the pictures I’ve got in my PC and I realised time really flew very fast! It has been 2 years since I left Uni and started to work. At first, I am not used to get up so early and go to work everyday! Hah! I’m not a morning person you see!

Vila’s Wedding

This is the time when I attended my colleague’s wedding. She is same age with mine and oppss…and she is MARRIED! Do I feel pressured? Nah..not a bit!

Muda Hanya Sekali…so for now…KITA ENJOY dulu!!

(taken from the local TV Show: PuTeRi)

Yeap! Finally! When I think back, I would like to:

  • Thank all the “people” for being “Supportive” and “friendly” towards me as it MADE me a better person.
  • Thank all the tiring and boring lectures & tutorials that MADE me a better multi-Tasker! (Even though they are people who claimed that I’m a INEFFICIENT person)
  • Thank to the person who MADE me a stronger person by watching as I fall!
  • Thank to the Uni Management that MADE me understand how matters are handled, with the “right” way.
  • Thank to the system who MADE me realised, I’ve MADE the “wise” choice.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
I am for who I am for what you DID!
Thank you? Thank you….whatever la…
Let the ByGones be ByGones…..

UnLiMiTed Happy Hour

Yes! Yes! Yes! Aloha…! Let’s have fun and let’s make new friends in the new begining! Of course, at first I need to bulk up my social skills as I’ve learnt to talk to strangers in a mature way as I am no longer dealing with small kids at school!

Hutan Pendidikan

Jom! Let’s go for a jog! This is my first time to this cool place as I really looking forward to go again during weekends! So…Where Is My Sneakers? I need a proper sneakers! It’s a tough and rough in there.



That’s what people like to see in everyone.

Senyum seindah suria yang membawa cahaya!

It brighten your day and perhaps if you smile even more, you can even brighten someone’s day too.

TaNi @ The Sanctuary

MerDeKa Eve, right before the Fireworks, I went with my FaV MaCha and his best buddy, the non-other MR. AARON MATTHEWS. We’ve hanging out for quite some time and I’ve known him for about a year, I am blessed to realised that TRUE FRIENDSHIP does exist! All you need is to cherish and respect each other.

What you Reap is What you SoW!

The Ship

Ah….I LOVE this picture so much! What more I can say?

DoGathon 2007 @ UPM
EEE!! DOGGIE! It’s everywhere! They are so adorable~
This little champ here it’s a Jack Russell and he is so cute. How I wish I could bring him home with me…..


There were lots of singing session @ NeWays with galfriends and my guy too…oh yea and colleagues as well.

Singing your lungs out is a great way to release your stress way…. Oh yea! Perhaps it worth to try for once.

New Begining

Bye Bye PCS and Hello UOB!

I still remember how stressful it is when everything you need to know have to implement in ONE Week! I still remember the pain I’ve got at my neck and I am desperately need a great massage.

Perhaps I need to bulk up my learning skills and my social skills as I am freaking out when dealing with clients in sales & marketing @ Banking Line.

But soon, this coming April 2008, it will be my 1st Anniversary in UOB and I’m looking forward for more to come!

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