End-Year 2007 Singapore Trip

8 Mar
I went to Singapore for a day-trip as to visit my sister there! Then after that, we drove back to KL after that. Did took Aeroline Bus to Singapore and stopped at Harbour Front.
Then we have a quick dinner at Sakae Sushi! Yummy & Very Hungry! X’mas was around the corner that time & both of us babbling non-stop at the restaurant. We had Haagen Daaz for dessert and after that a quick shopping around ViVo City@ Harbour Front.

While joining other Zombies in the MRT, I still managed to take ONE shot of myself in the MRT. Damn! I really missed the time when I was working in Singapore & MRT is my private “chauffer” that took me to any destinations I wanted to be…and of course my workplace.

The next day, she drove back and the trip was “ok” as most of them I see nothing much special but highways..highways & more highways!

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