Favourite Ways To UnWind

Surrounded by Good Friends and Cheerful people always a best option to UnWind your Stressful day. During this time, I felt more comfortable and very relaxed throughout the day. Knowing myself very easily get bored, I am more prone to be lazy and sluggish at times. Thus, getting my good friends around me really helps me to kill time in a very productive and meaningful way.
Getting lots of Cocktails-Hu hu..it’s a gal best drink to go along with it during HapPy Hours!~ This one I ordered Magaritas on the ROck @ Aloha after work! Taste Good and refreshing too! Not Pricey and Not so strong for beginners yea…
Once in a while, going to cool restaurant like 7Ate9 @ Ascott Hotel is totally a good idea to go UnWind. In addition with my colleagues, getting relaxed got easier Plus the Excellent Friendly treatment from the waiters really made your $$ well spent at the place like this. Trust me! They know you by name and face! As I went there for the 2nd time, the waiter actually still remembered me and the whole time he is giving us a better service! Not bad…

Looking for a good food always made my day! That’s really explained my chubby appearance and big appetite! Provided it’s within my budget, it’s fine for me. Even though if it’s a little bit pricey, well, I’ll make it a special occasion to go along with it. Wine and fine dining, these will be a good choice to unwind once in a while and also to take the opportunity to learn the more about the the particular cuisine & fine dining too!
Going out with gal pals too always my favourite things for me to UnWind! A girls’ night out or even a dinner gathering are fun things to do! This is the time to know my new friends better and to initiate a friendships that will me to pass through both happy and bad times along my daily life, ESPECIALLY during working life.

Shisha too My Fav Thing to do to UnWind! Thanks to my Fav Guy, he always be there for me to go for a shiSha Session. Not bad too, it’s not THAT expensive to go unwind with ShiSha-ing. All I need to do is to control as too much shisha-ing not advisable! HuHu!!

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