My Past….Oh Well, TIme to Move On!!! New Year Resolutions! It’s a New Begining!

*~Happy New Year 2008~*
I still Remember when I took this Picture! I took it in the Car!!! Damn, I did took lots of pictures IN DA CAR!!!
I spent a lot of time with My Favourite Macha! He really had brighten my Day, each Day with Happiness. Phone Calls, SmS, even a gift, hand-made by the great guy himself. This really impressed me. He is very sensitive, caring and of coz, definitely a guy who knows to treat his woman like a precious lady. I feel appreciated and happy again…Basically, I had moved on and it is time to move forward for better life, new scene, new perspective and new goals.
This would be our first Valentine’s Day. Though we celebrated it in a simple way, it was a day that I will always remember for the rest of my life. I realised that, by not expecting anything from your partner, it will make you happy no matter what outcome that comes to you.

My First Job in 2007 would be the job I had at IBM, One Utama as Management Trainee at CSO department. I resigned after 3 months working there after I’m offered a better job at Banking Line. Short term I would say when I was at IBM, but my colleagues are still very close and always keep in touch till to date.

My FIrst Day at UOB! I am excited as I have my own space over here. Sales and Marketing, that is my current job function. I was damn stressed for the first 2 months but eventually things are eventually back on track as I managed to go through this hurdle. Thanks to my friendly and helpful colleagues who always be there for me to assist me! Not to forget, they are people who are quite fun to be with as well.

My Colleagues, managers and my Branch Managers as well from My Branch. All of them came from different age groups. Thus, it actually helps me to know and communicate well with people from different age group apart from my own age group, in other words,YOUNG groups! Hahahah! Yeap! Yeap! The Hip and the Hop-pe People!

I started my first GYM sessions at One Utama Gym! Well, body was all sore for the first few weeks! However, I am pretty much enjoyed it! Money well spent as I managed to lose some weight. Yippie! I am happy and most likely to continue it…for long term wise.

This year, at 2007, I went to quite a number of concerts in KL/PJ areas itself. As you can see, the picture was took during Wang Lee Hom’s concert at Bukit Jalil. It was his concert tour and oh yes, he is my favourite male artist. I did enjoyed the concert as I went there with my sister. Surprisingly, she enjoyed it too even though this was the first time she came to his concert!

Genting Highlands, it’s a place where I went for the most time for all these years since I moved to KL 5 years ago. And this picture was took during CNY seasons and LOOK! I am the silly Orange Insane Gal!!! Wuhahahahahah!

Happy Hour! Happy Hour! Happy Hour! My job still great as I can go for drinking sessions with friends and colleagues after work! This is cool as I get to go in to the coolest and happening places, FOC!! All I need to do is Drink! And Enjoy!

This year there were also lots of gatherings going on during the weekends. Friends, uni-mates even my BF’s friends gatherings were organized actively throughout the year. These gatherings are good in a way to keep the network going strong as most of us lost in touch after graduation. Catching up with friends is part of my weekly/monthly routine, even now I am actively catching up with my colleagues, college-mates and even my long-lost friends from my hometown as well. Friendships is very important and I will always cherish it~

Weekends also the time for me to spend time with my family and my BF. Normally I would spent time through lunch. As for me, I spent most of the time with my Beau ShiSha-ing at either Hartamas area or OUG area. Sounds tiring at times and it may seems that most of time I am not at home, but time management is very important for me. Striking a balance is a challenge for me at times, but with the help of my Organizer things eventually getting well and till to date, I am still constantly on the move.

Sushi..Sashimi..Japanese Buffet! OMG! Year 2007 was also a year I gained quite some weight, towards the 4th Quarter of the year! Thanks to….The FOOD!! Good FOOD that made me feel satisfied…and of course, the main culprit that contribute to the expanded waistline of mine.

Lastly, my favourite festive season…..Christmas! Presents, food, gatherings with family and loved ones, caroling, X’mas Dinner, the ambiance make me feel calm, overjoyed and happy to celebrate it@! The Christmas Hat! Oh yea, that will be my favourite thing that I must have during this festive season….

Again, My New Year Resolutions are:
  • Be a better person and calm person
  • Be Happy
  • Be fruitful and productive!

I’ll be back

Shereen Simon Dulau


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