@Sabah@ ~ My Heritage, My Home Sweet Home

I’m from Sabah, Kota Kinabalu city. My race is Kadazan-Dusun but normally I am known to be a Sino-Kadazan girl. Dad is a Kadazan-Dusun and my mum is a Chinese. Let’s start off my 1st blog here about my heritage. Well, I may looked Chinese, but my name doesn’t reflect it at all. Worst of all, friends thought I am an Indian when they saw my name before they met me! Wahahha! My name…sounds so Indian!

So, let’s start: (I’m gonna make it short and concise)

Sabah is a Malaysian State located on the northern portion of the island of Borneo. It’s the 2nd Largest state in Malaysia after Sarawak. It’s also shared a boarder with the province of East Kalimantan of Indonesia in the South. Sabah used to be a British crown colony known as North Borneo. Other Kadazans, there are other races such as Bajau, Murut, Malays and Chinese. In Sabah, there are 32 officially recongnized ethnic groups. Most Chinese people in Sabah are concentrated primarily at Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, and Tawau. At Sandakan, most Chinese speaks Cantonese whereas at other part of Sabah, mostly speaks Hakka.

State Capital : Kota Kinabalu (*formerly known as Jesselton*)

Also known as : Sabah, Negeri Di Bawah Bayu (*Land Below the Wind*)

The biggest festival that we Sabahans celebrate is the Pesta Ka’amatan, which is also known as The Harvest Festival. It falls on the 30th – 31st May every year. During this festive day, there will lots of activities going on that day. Not to forget, the most important is, Tapai! Drink till you “apai-apai”!! On that day itself, there will be a beauty pageant going on as well. The event is known to be Unduk Ngadau. Daphne Iking won this event before and not to forget she is also Miss Sabah too! You go Girl!

When comes to food, I miss the seafood and of course the Home-Made, “Inava”. It’s a traditional back in my kampung at Kota Marudu, Membakut. My late grandma used to do that. My mum learnt how to do it too and she did a pretty job too. “Inava” is the mixture of raw fish and unions. It’s sounds weird but trust me, when you tried it…you can’t stop eating it! It’s very tempting!

I misses the “wah tan ho” from this particular Restaurant near my house, ‘Diamond Restaurant’. The “wah tan ho” is fantastic! Lots of local people go there to eat and it’s always packed during dinner time. The restaurant established 20 years ago and it has been my favourites when comes to supper! Well, that’s explained my chubby fat moment during high school.

Places to go at my hometown will be in a long-list. But to summarize it, normally I would recommended my friends to go Pulau Manukan/Pulau Sapi. Kinabalu National Park would be great too! Poring Hot Springs would definitely on top of my list! In the town area, State Museum will be a nice place to go too as some of my friends would like to know more about my Heritage. And of course, Tanjung Aru Beach, it has always been my No.1 place for me to unwind! That time clubbing scene is not in the picture yet! I was still under-age! Hahhahah~

As for the Health Freaks out there, Tun Fuad will be a great place for you to work-out as the place has a steep hill to climb onto…it’s quite similar to Gasing Hill at PJ, with no tar-road to run and only jungle! But I guess, it has been commercialized these recent years, so it’s much more better for runners to go jungle-trekking.But, at the exit of the hill there are lots of stalls with lots of good food! Damn, no wonder I’m still a piggy-Bag even though I always go there to jog! ~*<~

Enough said, let’s end this blog and I’ll continue again with other topics that interest me!

Source: photos from http://www.mysabah.com/
: from my 19 years experience too
: photos from http://www.wikipedia.com/

~I’ll be back~

Shereen Simon Dulau


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